Breakfast Basket

When you stay at the McMillan Inn your time is your own. Feel free to sleep-in or rise up early. You are not restricted to any schedule. Every guest receives a wonderful breakfast basket for 2 in their room upon arrival. The basket is filled with various pastries, fresh fruits and snack items. Enjoy a muffin and cup of coffee or tea as you soak up the sun on the front veranda or in our garden courtyard. You may also choose to relax in your room to savor some fruit and a danish. We have Keurig coffee makers and coffee in all the rooms so you do not have to venture out until you are ready. A variety of complimentary coffee and tea is also available in the Main Kitchen.

A light breakfast will leave you feeling guilt free to enjoy a large lunch or dinner at one of Savannah’s many fine restaurants. Of course, if you would like to go out for breakfast several restaurants are just a short walk away, including the famous Clary’s Cafe featured in the film “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”. We hope that you will make yourself at home. Your stay is all about you! With only five rooms you can have privacy and peaceful quiet.