Has your curiosity been peaked about what exactly happens during a Cirque Du Soleil show? Perhaps you’ve already seen one and loved every minute and breathtaking feat. Either way, you don’t need to go all the way to Las Vegas to see a show. The Cirque Du Soleil: Quidam performance will be in Savannah from May 7 – 9 (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). The show is 2.5 hours long and ticket prices start at $18 and continue up to $100.

Quidam Reviews

Check out some of this feedback on Quidam from reviewers on Ticketmaster.com:

“We saw Alegria in San Francisco and again in Honolulu and was enthralled by the show. I was prepared to see some of the same things with Quidam, but the show did not disappoint. The story line was carried through in the scenes. It was totally amazing and we were gripping the edge of our seats several times throughout the show. quidam-cirque-du-soleil-in-savannahThe music made the show a larger success and helped to build up the anxiety with some of the scenes. The musicians and the cast are truly professionals and the show reflected their passion. We enjoyed the show tremendously and would recommend it to our friends and family. The only thing that I might suggest is that I would not bring a child under the age of 4. Some of the scenes might be hard for them to understand and might make them fidgety and you won’t enjoy the show yourself.” – Pohai56

“We’ve seen several Cirque du Soleil shows in Vegas. This show is fabulous. It was absolutely fantastic! Top quality performers putt on an incredible show. The show was top notch. I would go again in a heartbeat. The story was played out in such an imaginative way. Costumes are so terrific. The time the performers put into the acrobatics must be so intense. Kudos to the whole cast of performers.” – 123goto

Coming to Savannah for Cirque de Soleil?

If seeing Quidam is one of your priorities this spring, we invite you to stay at our bed and breakfast in the beautiful historic district of Savannah while you are in town.