Savannah History Museum

Step back in time and explore Savannah’s colorful history with a visit to the Savannah History Museum in Tricentennial Park!

History buffs and fans of Savannah will enjoy digging into the Hostess City’s rich past at the Savannah History Museum. The popular museum tells the story of Savannah, from its founding in 1733 to the present day, through thoughtful displays and fascinating, interactive exhibits.

Savannah History Museum is located in Tricentennial Park, home to two other, popular Savannah museums and a Revolutionary War battlefield. Best of all, Tricentennial Park is just 5 minutes from our Savannah bed and breakfast, McMillan Inn!

Visiting the Savannah History Museum

Savannah History Museum is located at 303 MLK Jr. Boulevard in Savannah, GA. The museum is housed in the historic Central of Georgia Railway passenger shed, a National Historic Landmark, built in the late 1800s. The shed was released by the railroad in 1972 and used for The Great Savannah Exposition, a precursor of the museum, through the 1980’s.

The Coastal Heritage Society eventually took stewardship of the Great Savannah Exposition. In 1990, the Exposition was reopened as the Savannah History Museum, with all new exhibits and greatly expanded collections.

Savannah History Museum 1902 Crestmobile

Today, the museum has over 10,000 historic artifacts, one of the largest collections on the coast! Visitors to the museum will see Revolutionary and Civil War artifacts and learn about the city’s design. You’ll also learn about the Native Americans who lived before the Europeans arrived.

You’ll also see more recent artifacts. Things like a 1902 Crestmobile car, Johnny Mercer’s Oscars and Grammys, a real cotton gin, Forrest Gump’s bench, and so much more. Visit the museum theater to see a short but entertaining film about Savannah’s storied history.

Once your tour of the museum is over, you’ve really only just begun. Don’t forget, you’re in Tricentennial Park, home to TWO other museums and a Revolutionary War battlefield!

Tricentennial Park

Savannah’s 25-acre Tricentennial Park museum complex is located on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, across the street from the Visitor’s Center.

Once upon a time, this popular museum complex was the location of the Central of Georgia Railway Savannah Shops and Terminal Facilities. Today, it contains The Georgia State Railroad Museum, The Savannah History Museum, Battlefield Memorial Park, and The Savannah Children’s Museum.

It makes perfect sense that you’d find The Georgia State Railroad Museum here. This is, after all, the most complete antebellum railroad complex in the world! The railroad museum collection includes steam locomotives, diesel engines, and rail cars – but that’s not all. You’ll also see the historic machine shops, a blacksmiths, and even a working railroad turntable!

Georgia State Railroad Museum

Battlefield Memorial Park is located just across the street from the Savannah History Museum. Here, on October 9, 1779, three armies, more than 8,000 troops, clashed during the American Revolution’s Battle of Savannah. It was a tremendous struggle, the second bloodiest battle of the Revolution, with 800 or more killed or wounded. Today, the park stands as memorial to the battle, with the remains of the original redoubt as evidence.

The outdoor Savannah Children’s Museum is also here, with more than a dozen different exhibits designed to spark young imaginations. There’s an exploration maze, a sensory garden, a reading nook, and much more. Fun for the little ones!

Visit to learn more about the Savannah History Museum and other attractions at Tricentennial Park. You can also find the museum on Facebook.

Spend the day exploring all the amazing attractions at Tricentennial Park then it’s just 5 minutes to your room at McMillan Inn. Our convenient location puts the best of the downtown historic district at your fingertips. Start planning your next Savannah getaway, today!