SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival 2024

Attend the 2024 SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival and treat yourself to some of the most amazing chalk art you’ve ever seen! Saturday, April 27th, 2024 in historic Forsyth Park.

If you like art you’re going to love the Savannah Sidewalk Arts Festival! The beloved event has been a Savannah tradition for 43 years. Come watch as Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) students, alumni, and talented high schoolers transform Forsyth Park into an open-air art gallery.

If you’ve never attended an event like this, you may not be prepared for the level of artistry one can ascend to using only chalk and concrete. These are true artists, making the SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival an amazing art event you do not want to miss.

Best of all, McMillan Inn is located in Savannah’s downtown historic district, just two blocks from Forsyth Park. This makes attending the festival a snap. In fact, our convenient downtown location surrounds you with some of Savannah’s best attractions. Shopping, dining, parks, museums, and more are all within easy reach of your accommodations when you stay at McMillan Inn.

SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival 2024

chalk art and artist at the 2024 SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival

The 2024 SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival is scheduled for Saturday, April 27th, from 11am to 4:30pm in Savannah’s Forsyth Park.

During the festival, students and alumni compete, either as individuals or in teams, for prizes of up to $1,500. Last year’s event saw more than 1,000 artists covering more than 800 sidewalk squares with their art.

The event also includes tableaux vivants, or “living pictures” composed of live, costumed models silently depicting various still scenes. There is even chalk and sections of walkway set aside for any so inspired. What fun!

They begin handing out the chalk at 10am and artists may start drawing at 11. Prizes are awarded at 4:30pm. Those who enjoy watching artists at work should consider showing up at 11am and making a day of it. If you’d prefer to view completed works, many are done by 2pm; a great time to visit for that festival gallery experience. 

The festival also includes food trucks and live entertainment, so no one need grow hungry or bored. Forsyth Park is also surrounded by cafes, markets, restaurants, shopping, and more. All the makings you need for another glorious day in Savannah, GA!

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