Nothing says summer like baseball and you’ve never seen baseball like this! Come see the Savannah Bananas on their home field and experience the game like never before.

The Savannah Bananas baseball team began play in 2016 as part of the Coastal Plain League, a wood-bat collegiate summer league. From day one the Bananas were determined to be more than just another collegiate summer team.

The team works hard to play not just baseball but also the audience with over-the-top, entertainment and antics. Team members are chosen for their ability to entertain, not just play ball. The team has been featured on a variety of networks and media publications for their unique promotions: playing in kilts, break-dancing, special giveaways, and more.

The end result is an exciting team that regularly reaches the playoffs and is currently enjoying an unprecedented game-sellout streak.

Banana Ball

The Savannah Bananas don’t exactly play the baseball game you know. They play what is known as Banana Ball.

Oh, there’s still a pitcher, and a batter, a baseball diamond, home runs, three strikes and you’re out, and all that. But also some important differences. Differences that speed up the entire game.

Banana Ball has a strict two-hour time limit, for instance, and innings end if the home team takes a lead. Each inning is worth one point and the first team to earn five points wins.

If there’s a tie at the two hour mark, the game is settled by showdown between a batter and pitcher, not extra innings. If a fan catches a foul ball, it counts as an out, coaches can’t visit the mound, and more.

Savannah Bananas

While all this may seem crazy and not at all baseball, you should give it a chance. Banana Ball is baseball without all the downtime, seeing games where nine innings take no more than an hour and a half! It’s fast, fun, and catching on with fans and players alike.

Did I mention the Bananas’ game sellout streak?

Historic Grayson Stadium

The Savannah Bananas home field is Grayson Stadium. The historic, 4,000 seat stadium was originally built in 1926, seeing major renovation and reconstruction after a 1941 hurricane.

The field has hosted a long line of legendary players. Iconic stars like Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Hank Aaron, Ty Cobb, Jackie Robinson, and Mickey Mantle. The Yankees and the Reds played an exhibition game here in 1959, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke here in 1933.

Even more exciting and unique, Grayson Stadium is the first ever Ad-Free ballpark! There are no ads in the stadium, just ballplayers and fans having a great time.

Best of all, Grayson Stadium is less than ten minutes from our Savannah bed and breakfast, McMillan Inn. Enjoy a rousing game at the stadium knowing your Savannah home away from home is just minutes away.

Savannah Bananas 2021 Home Games

The Savannah Bananas 2021 Season is well on its way to selling out but tickets for a few games have yet to go on sale, so you may still have a chance to catch the Bananas at home. Visit to see the full schedule for the Coastal Plain League’s 2021 season.

27th vs Morehead City Marlins SOLD OUT
28th vs The Lexington Blowfish SOLD OUT

Savannah Bananas Split

1st vs Macon Bacon SOLD OUT
3rd vs The Lexington Blowfish SOLD OUT
5th vs Macon Bacon SOLD OUT
11th vs Macon Bacon SOLD OUT
17th vs Florence RedWolves SOLD OUT
19th vs the Spartanburg Spartanburgers SOLD OUT
23rd vs The Lexington Blowfish SOLD OUT
25th vs Macon Bacon SOLD OUT
29th vs The Lexington Blowfish SOLD OUT

1st vs Macon Bacon SOLD OUT
8th vs Macon Bacon SOLD OUT
10th vs Florence RedWolves SOLD OUT
14th vs The Lexington Blowfish
16th vs Macon Bacon SOLD OUT
20th vs the Spartanburg Spartanburgers
22nd vs the Spartanburg Spartanburgers
24th vs The Lexington Blowfish SOLD OUT
28th vs Macon Bacon SOLD OUT
29th vs Macon Bacon
30th vs Macon Bacon SOLD OUT

12th vs Macon Bacon (2021 Breakfast Bowl Series)

Learn more about the Savannah Bananas on their website. You can also follow the team on Facebook.